Robinho enjoys positive meeting with Real Madrid’s Mijatovic


Robinho happy with Mijatovic meeting

Robinho happy with Mijatovic meeting

Robinho enjoyed a positive meeting with Real Madrid sports chief Pedja Mijatovic yesterday.




The Brazilian was assured by Mijatovic that new contract talks would be opened with his agent, Wagner Ribeiro, while he is away with Brazil for the Beijing Olympics.

Mijatovic also struck agreement with Robinho that both the player and his agent won’t publicly discuss his situation – particularly mentioning offers from the likes of Chelsea.

Robinho made it clear to Mijatovic that he wanted to stay with Real and prove himself to be at the same level as Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo.

My Thoughts

Yeah, I can feel what Robinho is going through. He and Cristiano Ronaldo came to the scene almost at the same time. Few years ago everybody was talking about the future golden ball winners and Robinho’s name was right up there with Messi and probably above C.Ronaldo.

C.Ronaldo kept improving himself while Robinho was just content with what he already knew, I mean when you look atit,C.Ronaldo has improved so much since he came to Manchester United.

When C.Ronaldo came to Manchester United, he was physically weak, dribbled too much and did not have any sense what so ever on how to pass the ball to other teammaters, but then Ferguson put a lot of work in him, both mentally and physically. Ronaldo got stronger and stroner with each passing season and then boom. 70 odd goals in two seasons for C.Ronaldo.

His free kicks got better, he dribbled only at important positions of the pitch, not everywhere which is what he did when he arrived. Hisshootingabilityisacountry