said in an interview. Now he may be right about Robinho not being valued at Real Madrid but it’s Robinho’s own fault not Real Madrid’s, Robinho has been so incosistent over the past two seasons or even since the time Real Madrid signed him that he is no longer the gold of European talent.


I think Messi and C.Ronaldo both have gone beyond him even though both are younger than him, Messi is the youngest of them all, he is 21 I think, C.Ronaldo is 23 andRobinhois 24.

I think last season was the time Robinho should really have come in the party, as in, he really should have produced spectacular performances throughout the season, like Messi and C.Ronaldo and though Robinho did produce those forms but was not able to maintain that form.


I mean, when Robinho was on form last season, he really looked like the best player in the world because he could beat players like Messi did (the number of players, though both Messi and Robinho beat players in very different ways) and his shooting was as good as Ronaldo’s if not better.


I think Robinho should only stay at Real Madrid if he is guaranteed a first team place and also that Schuster personally tells him that Real Madrid want him and he is counting on Robinho. I think it should be made clear to Robinho that Robinho would not be sold in case C.Ronaldo arrives at Real Madrid. I think only then can Robinho be satisfied otherwise I think he will leave which would be a big loss.