has ever seen LIVE. Ofcourse Beckham hasnt possibly watched Pele and Maradonna playing neither has he played with them both, they came way before Beckham.

As for Casillas, I agree he does deserve to be the best player in the world. He has performed in all the big matches that Real Madrid has played while C.Ronaldo has not performed in even a single big match.

C.Ronaldo failed against Chelsea both times in the League, agianst Arsenal he was crappy, scored a goal but that was as easy as one can hope to get in derbies. C.Ronaldo failed in the Champions League Final, Semi- Final and even against Lyon, scored a goal there as well but that also was not goal that one expects from the worlds best player.


I do not want to comment on whether Beckham should become an actor or not just want to say, as far as I ve seen Beckham, he would do anything to make some quick cash if he can.


May be Beckham is approving Casillas as the best player in the world so that C.Ronaldo does not get it because if he does that I think it marks C.Ronaldo as the one of the best wingers Manchester United has ever had infront of Beckham. Beckham was good too, Cristiano is may be better even without winning the award but Casillas winning the award would not hurt me at all.


Casillas is the best right now, performed well in Euros, in the league and Champions Leauge (though Real Madrid got knocked out in last 16 stage) for Real Madrid, captained the Spainish side as well which won the Euro 2008 trophy.