Van der Vaart blanks Real Madrid questions


Denies Real Madrid contact

Denies Real Madrid contact

Hamburg midfielder Rafael van der Vaart has blanked Spanish reporters over questions about a potential move to Real Madrid.


Reports last week suggested Van der Vaart had agreed personal terms with Real, but at Hamburg training yesterday, the Dutchman would only say: “I cannot speak of Madrid. I will not speak Spanish. Bye.”

My Thoughts

Yeah Yea, that old “I dont know anything” trick. Players do that a lot these days and the next thing you know is they change clubs. Van Der Vaart just wants to be on the safe side, and I do not blame him for that, he is just making sure that Hamburg does not think that he wants to leave (Ofourse that would lead to a drop in his price tag) and also wants to tell Real Madrid that he knows that Real Madrid is interested in him.

I think he exactly knows what is his situation with Real Madrid and Hamburg. “i cannot speak of Madrid”, clearly tells me that Real Madrid contacted him and upon hearing his price tag, Real Madrid backed off a little.