“Robinho is as good as Ronaldo”, while I do not disagree to that, it’s not going to get Real Madrid change it’s mind.

Robinho is a good player, can be as good as Ronaldo, can be better than Ronaldo but now at 24, he has got to start performing and leave behind the tag of a “promising talent”,nowhe should be performing at levels that would put him in contention with Messi for the best player in the world not just Real Madrid or Spain.

One reason why Robinho may be leaving Madrid this summer, albeit temproraily, is for the Olympic Games in China, but he is philosophical about his chances.

The national team has always been a priority for me. If the club lets me go then I will, but if not then I will remain in Madrid,” he added.

One thing is for sure and that is, Chelsea’s interest has not impressed him at all for unknown reasons and that he wants to prove himself at Real Madrid