Man Utd’s Ferguson drops plans for Ronaldo Lisbon showdown


Ferguson, does not want to talk to Ronaldo

Ferguson, does not want to talk to Ronaldo

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has decided against travelling to Lisbon tomorrow for showdown talks with Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Mail on Sunday says Sir Alex was due to fly to Lisbon for what would have been the first meeting between the pair since the furore about 23-year-old Ronaldo’s links with Real Madrid blew up in the European Championship finals.

Tomorrow’s get-together had been regarded as vital to clear the air and bring the Madrid saga to an end. Instead, Ferguson will stay in Manchester to push ahead with his attempt to sign Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov and supervise the squad departing on Wednesday for a three-match tour of South Africa.

A source close to the club said: “The manager was hoping to sort things out with Ronaldo but that will now have to wait until the team get back “

Ronaldo’s attitude has hardened United’s resolve to make him honour at least part of the three years left on his contract.

“Nobody twisted his arm to sign the contract. He was happy to do that and can’t just change his mind on a whim,” added the source.

My Thoughts

Ronaldo and Ferguson to part ways soon

Ronaldo and Ferguson to part ways soon


Now Alex Ferguson has also joined this little play called “The Ronaldo Saga”or”TheRonaldoChronicles, I think we’ll stay with the former. So now Ferguson is playing mind games with Ronaldo as well, making Cristiano Ronaldo a bit nervous about this whole thing.

Up till now Ronaldo thought that he had Ferguson right where he wanted him as he refused to meet Ferguson or even attend his phone call. Now, I think, Ferguson has done this deliberately to make Ronaldo think about his future at Manchester United. Perhaps giving an indication that he is not the boss anymore. May be Ferguson wants to apprise Ronaldo of his ever decreasing popularity among the united fans.

I think its safe it to say, Ronaldo’s deterioting popularity among the Englishfanshasnotgoneunnoticed