Soldado, too costly says Mallorca


Soldado, too costly says Mallorca

Real Mallorca sports chief Nando Pons admits they’re being priced out of a deal for Real Madrid striker Roberto Soldado.

Roberto would be a good replacement for Dani Guiza, but the transfer fee and his salary is too much for us,” said Pons. “A club like Mallorca cannot compete against such amounts.”

My Thoughts

I don’t think Soldado can replace Dani Guiza straight away, at the moment I think Guiza is a better striker obviously because he has had a great Euro 2008, scored some important goals for himself over there. Also he has been playing in the starting line up for Mallorca. Soldado is in a completely different situation. Soldado has not had a full game for as long as I can remember.

Also that, Soldado is completely out of Spain’s national team. Spain is a team where players like Raul Guti are not getting into the starting line up, so you can see where does Soldado stand as far as his National team representation is concerned.