Ronaldo Wouldn’t Ruin Team Spirit – Higuain


Higuain, think his position would not change from the arrival of Ronaldo

Higuain, think his position would not change from the arrival of Ronaldo

He has told Spanish daily As that Ronaldo’s arrival, if anything, would have the opposite effect to what many are expecting, if anything: “I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case. If he comes this would not happen, just the opposite.

“I think the same as everyone else, that he is a great player and that there has been a lot of expectation created around his signing for Real Madrid. If he comes here he would be welcome and our team would be much better.

“Any player would like to have Cristiano Ronaldo in their team.

My Thoughts

I have to say that all this time I thought Ramon Calderon did this for money, guess what, he is doing it for money but I did not think that he would revert to the Galacticos policy again. Ronaldo is a Galacticos and Real Madrid are paying crazy money for him like Real Madrid did for Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo andBeckham.

Iinitially thought that Calderon gave the team spirit some significance, he just wants Ronaldo to add some quality to the team but now it seems that Calderon is fast going into the direction in which Perez went. The thing is, when you are the president of Real Madrid. You cannot negelect the fact that Real Madrid can earn a lot in this way by signing huge names because Real Madrid has got such a huge reputation as an Elite club.

Though Ronaldo is younger and has a little moretoachievethanFigo,Zidane