tojustgetridofRonaldo before Ronaldo corrupts everybody in the dressing room so I think then Real Madrid could easily sign him under 40 million euros, I am telling yeah. Same thing happened with Van Nistelrooy, a top top class striker, though old but still 8 million pound is a very good deal.

I think Manchester United know this and they will sell Ronaldo in the end. All Manchester United want is some more money. Coming back to Real Madrid now. I think Real Madrid need C.Ronaldo signing becauseRealMadrid want to retain their title as the richest club in the world and while Real Madrid is not a business yet like Manchester United is. Real Madrid has to depend little more than Manchester United, on what they do on field and the money they make from marketing the club with star players.

I think the money that C.Ronaldo would bring to the club in shape of sponsors and merchandise sales would be far more than his transfer fee, I can assure you that. Real Madrid officials are not stupid (I hope), I think they must have thought this through.

However, I am strongly against C.Ronaldo coming to Real Madrid this season, he can earn us money a year later too, so why not buy him for cheap when Manchester United would not want him rather than buy him for crazy money when Manchester United want to keep him.

That’s what I have been thinking about. Well, I am far away from Real Madrid so I cannot do anything. Hope Real Madrid is able to realise this. HALA MADRID.