Real Madrid should not buy Ronaldo

Manchester United just want some more money for him

Manchester United just want some more money for him

I was just thinking over the possible results or effects that Ronaldo’s arrival to Real Madrid would have, though it is not for sure that he would come to Real Madrid but hye as they say “hope for the best, plan for the worst”

I think, the signing of C.Ronaldo would definitely hurt the dressing room atmosphere a little bit. Ronaldo would want to be the king of the dressing room, although, I think Manchester United would face the same problem. Ronaldo would want to dominate everything from the dressing room to on-field glory. This would happen where ever he would go let alone Real Madrid, such is his reputation and charisma now.

The thing is, I think Real Madrid should not sign C.Ronaldo because it could bring back those days of Galacticos where there werer too many egos in the dressing room. Anyway, coming back to that Ronaldo dressing room situation and all. I think Real Madridshouldbuy Ronaldo this season, because it is for sure, that Ronaldo would cause disunity among the united camp this coming season because Ronaldo thinks he is the king of the world and I am sure Rooney and Ferdinand would like to have a say on that.

This means that Alex Ferguson would have to kick out Ronaldo to the bench for a while. Ronaldo would not take it lightly and then he and Alex ferguon might have a bust up in the training ground. Then, I think Manchester United would want