time Calderon also accepts defeat and goes home to think about other possible targets that Real Madrid can sign this season.

Blatter didn’t warn Manchester United or anything like that, he just said that it should not be this way, how does that put more pressure on Manchester United who have been so adamant over their stance for the past two months, I don’t know.

Yeah one more thing that I would like to point out and that is that, in nowayisEPL better than Spanish La Liga, I am soon going to write a article about this to put an end to this debate as well, I have researched a lot on this matter.

Anyway, I think EPL just has more media coverage than La liga, the quality of football is better in La Liga, otherwise do you really think that with the strength of the British media, La Liga would even be broadcasted on any channel. La liga club’s do not have enough money neither the contacts to get themselves some good tv deals.

If La Liga, did not have quality football then I do not think Real Madrid and Barcelona would have the reputations they now have in Europe because the British Media would have swept the whole world with EPL, leaving no place for La Liga to market itself. I think it is only because of the quality of football, that La Liga has competed with EPL till now, La Liga cannot compete with EPL on media coverage.