Yeah,Saviola is one of them. He was known in his early days as the golden boy of Argentinian football and now look where he stands. Spent two seasons as a sub at Barcelona, spent a season as a sub at Real Madrid, out of the Argentina National team. His future is all but ready to slide further down.

I know I am not a professional football player, but if I had a situation such as Saviola’s then I would certainly stay with Real Madrid because the anger of not playing would have been all washed away when the weekly pay check would have been slipped into my own pocket.

I would have atleast tried to impress the coach for the remainder of my contract by working hard in the training sessions, atleast that would have got me some sort of first team action. After my contract would have expired then……..yeah…..I do not even want to go there. So I think I am going to leave Saviola on his own because my take on this certainly does not bode well for Saviola after his contracts expires with Real Madrid so yeah, he has to change his club right now.