MadridandChelsea,whichshowsthat he can lead a team under pressure and can play his game with the big boys too, not like C.Ronaldo who is always a flop in big games.

I think if Real Madrid do not want to sign Diego then the next option should be Quaresma, C.Ronaldo’s deal is coming to a collaspe ( I am assuming this) so I think Robinho is definitely going to stay now. I think Quaresma would be a wonderful signing, he and Robinho could cause havoc in La Liga with their creativity and speed.

I think Real Madrid has grown tired of this Ronaldo saga and after July 7 (which was supposed to be the date Real Madrid wanted C.Ronaldo’s decision on this transfer) has passed,Real Madridare becoming desperate for reinforcements as their arch rivals Barcelona has done a lot of strengthening since conceding the title to Real Madrid for the past two seasons.

From what I have heard is that Manchester United is demanding 100 million euros which Real Madrid is not willing to pay and Ronaldo has not spoken with Manchester United about this matter, so if a player does not talk to his club about a transfer, how can the actual transfer happen.

I think Real Madrid has realised this (hopefully) and now will look to secure at least Diego (although there are many play makers at Real Madrid already and Quaresma if Inter Milan has not snapped him up already. My other favourite player is Huntelaar and Adriano because Benzema is not going to change club this season.

I think this would also lead to C.Ronaldo staying at Manchester United for another season and naturally C.Ronaldo would not perform that well, as he did last season, and then Real Madrid would come for him again next season and probably would sign him for a lot less than 85 million euros which Real Madrid is prepared to pay this time around.

I want to say to Real Madrid, please do not sign C.Ronaldo now that it is clear that C.Ronaldo just wants money nothing else, that is the reason he is not making his decision quick enough. HALA MADRID for leaving C.Ronaldo