Italian clubs queue for Real Madrid’s Drenthe


Roysten Drenthe not looking interested in playing

Roysten Drenthe not looking interested in playing

Real Madrid wing-back Royston Drenthe is wanted by a raft of Italian clubs.

Despite his struggles in Madrid last season, Drenthe attracted an approach from Juventus last week and it’s since emerged that Roma, Cagliari and Genoa have also been in contact for the Holland U21 international.

For his part, Drenthe is keen to prove himself at Real.

My Thoughts

Drenthe wants to fight for a place in the starting line up

Drenthe wants to fight for a place in the starting line up


Ok, first and foremost I think Real Madrid should not just sell Drenthe this season just because he was not able to perform well for Real Madrid this season. He is still a young lad and young players normally take a season or two before they settle down in a new league, new club. Playing for Real Madrid with all its star players is another pressure a young player has to put up with.


Young player’s normally panic in big matches and try to do to many things all by themselves in order to prove to the coach that they are worthy of playing for Real Madrid, that isexactlywhat has happened to Drenthe. He had very little pressure put on his shoulders when he played for the Holland Under 21 where he was the best player in the U 21 world cup.


Drenthe knew that his chances to play in the first team were limited even before coming to Real Madrid, Schuster did give him very little chances but it seemed like everytime Drenthe came onto the pitch, he wanted to play like Maradona, tried to do too much by himself which lead to loosing ball posessions in dangerous situtations.


Also, I think Drenthe is a playerwhowantstoshowthat