moreLeague titles than Manchester United, more Champions League than Manchester United, more money than Manchester United. A player gets more market value at Real Madrid, that has been proved time and time again, recent examples include Beckham making more money at Real Madrid than at Manchester United although he was at his peak when he was at Manchester United.

Real Madrid is a biggerclubthan Manchester United with its worldwide game, not only other sports personalities like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic (top three tennis player) but also Hollywood stars are fan of Real Madrid and not Manchester United.

So I tell Coppell to shut up, take his bald head and continue manage Reading, a club whos budget is perhaps less than Iker Casillas’s annual Salary. I mean look at the way Coppell just bluntly said this, lets see hmm, arrogance check, rude in his speech check, stupid comment to make, check. Total disrespect, check. Lack of evidence or proof to back what he said, check. Just trying to get some media attention, check.

Enough said about this worthless coach. HALA Madrid. (sorry for the attack on Coppell but I can’t stand anyone who disrespects Real Madrid)