Coppell tells Man Utd’s Ronaldo: Real Madrid is step down


Coppell has a hit at Real Madrid.

Coppell has a hit at Real Madrid.

Reading boss Steve Coppell has told Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United for Real Madrid is a “step down”.

Coppell said: “I can only repeat what Tommy Docherty said to me.

“I will never forget it. Many years ago when I signed for United he said any move from United is a move down. I very much echo those thoughts.”

My Thoughts


OK, hang on a second, who is Coppell? yeah right, you don’t know. Let me tell you, after hours of search on the internet, I found out he is currently coaching Reading. What is Reading?yeah right, you don’t know. Reading is a newly promoted club to the Ep,l which last season nearly got relegated.

Who is he to say that going toRealMadrid from Manchester United is a step down, Real Madrid is better in every way and I just do not say that emotionally because I am a Real Madrid fan. I have the facts to back it up, Real Madrid is the most successful team of the 20th century and infact Real Madrid was awarded this award Officially by FIFA after reviewing Real Madrid’s performances in the last century.

Real Madrid has