the teamsheets and say something like, ‘hye is messi playing’ or ‘is ronaldo injured’, but when opponents look at Real Madrid’s team sheet, the last name they want to see is Casillas.

Casillas is the key player for Real Madrid in every match and Real Madrid depend too much on him in every match. Normally you look at Chelsea, people would say, Drogba and lampard are the key players if Chelsea wants to win the league or a particular match.

For Manchester United it is C.Ronaldo and Ferdinand, you can count Vidic as well. For Barcelona, its Messi and Xavi, for Arsenal, its the whole team. Only Casillas, is good enough to be reckoned as a key player whos performance will affect the performance of the rest of the team. Yeah Buffon is good and Cech is too, but they are never looked up to as players who will lead a team and inspire the team to win a tough match.

Anyway, Cech who is good in the air is true but even Cech cannot match Casillas agility that Casillas shows so often, Casillas is almost the perfect goalkeeper and I am telling you this and I think every RealMadridplayer, coach, official and many fans would tell you this that Real Madrid would not or should not trade Casillas even if Ronaldo plus kaka deal if offered to Real Madrid.

However if Messi is also included in that deal and I do not know about the rest but I will certainly think twice.

Casillas is good in all departments of his game, low saves, high saves, he puts them all away, remember, another Cech weakness is the low shots

Casillas is good in all departments of his game, low saves, high saves, he puts them all away, remember, another Cech weakness is the low shots


Iker has kept 42 clean sheets in 82 matches for Spain in his career and, while that is also down to good defenders in the team, the Spainsh keeper has been simply world-class ever since he came through the Real Madrid youth system.

During Euro 2008, Casillas played the first two matches in the group stages before being rested in the third match, after Spain had already qualifed. He amazingly kept clean sheets in the quarter-final, semi-final and final matches during the tournament which allowed his fellow countrymen to use their striking skills up front to destroy their opponents.

I think Casillas should definitely be included in the Golden Ball Winner first 3, I mean what else you want from a keeper to do to prove that he is one of the best players in the world. Football is not only about attacking players, I enjoy watching Ronaldo and Messi but I also enjoy watching Casillas. Goal Keepers should be given the credit they deserve because it is the hardest position to play in.

I know the most difficult thing to do in football is to score a goal but look at it this way. If a attacker makes a mistake and misses a sitter or looses ball posession then ok, the team can recover or the team does not get punished for that every time, but if a goal keeper makes a mistake then more often than not (which is an understatement) the team gets punished severly.

So goal keepers have this added pressure to coupe with as they cannot afford to make mistakes while attackers are allowed. I know this does not show that attackers should not be awarded so many, if not all, the best player awards, but atleast I have tried to tell people that goal keepers can also be awarded the best player awards if they play like Iker Casillas.