For me, the best player in the world for 2007-2008 should be Casillas

For me, the best player in the world for 2007-2008 should be Casillas

Casillas- The Best In The World

After the penalty shoot out that Spain won against Italy at Euro 2008, I think Iker Casillas deserves this tag of being the best keeper in the world, leaving behind Buffon of Italy and certainly Cech of Czech Republic who had a terrible tournament and also had quite a few hick ups for the past two seasons at Chelsea.

I know and respect that everyone has their own player of the tournament for the Euro 2008, but I am going to choose Iker Casillas well over every other player who played in the Euro 2008 tournament.

Goalkeepers rarely get the recognition they deserve in major tournaments as the goal-scoring of attackers and the flair of the midfielders often grab all the headlines and limelight.

Casillas was outstanding in Euro 2008. He did his team and their supporters pround and is one of the most likeable characters in Spanish football in a sense that he is the best yet he is still so humble and does not talk about his greatness and all too much, if you look at Ronaldo and some other guys, they are always talking about becoming the greatest and collecting individual awards or talking about changing clubs.

Iker is the most quite of the lot. Only last year Cech said that he would want to leave Chelsea if he is not paid what he is worth but Casillas has not yet complained, partly because he is getting paid a lot by Real Madrid, makes sense too, I think Casillas is worth 20 points in the league every season for Real Madrid.

He pulls of the most amazing saves which decide Championships

He pulls of the most amazing saves which decide Championships


The great things about him is that not only he makes good saves and does everything else well but he is able to pull of saves no other keeper would even try to save, that is why he is the best, his agility, positioning and speed is better than the rest of his competitors.

Buffon has superb positioning ability but cannot move as quick as Iker Casillas whereas Cech is good in the air or was atleast thought to be good in the air, I would not say that after his hurendous mistake in Euro 2008 which lead to Czech Republic elimination from the tournament.

Ifyouwant to see some amazing saves which probably tipped the balance in favor of Real Madrid in many matches I suggest you watch the Champions League game between Real Madrid vs Olympiakos at the Bernabeau 2007-2008, where Casillas made a unbiliveable save towards the end of the match which gave Real Madrid the match.

Also, check out the saves he made against Arsenal in the Champions League season 2005-2006, round of 16 where he saved Thierry Henry’s superb placed shots, the commentators could not believe how did Casillas saved the far post curling shot of Henry which they thought should have been a goal if Casillas was not the goal keeper, a commentator by the name of Andy Gray I think, was so astonished that he said “its a goal”.

I saw that and believe me when Henry got into that position and placed the shot, I thought, a goal for Arsenal and then I looked up at the screen again and saw Real Madrid 0-0 Arsenal (the match took place at Emirates stadium)/

I think Casillas is the only keeper that is feared as a player when opponents look at the team sheet of Real Madrid.Everyonelooksat