Real Madrid To Offer 100m for Ronaldo


Ronaldo, the fist 100 million euro man?

Ronaldo, the fist 100 million euro man?

Manchester United have today moved fast to deny reports, Cristiano Ronaldo is on the verge of leaving Old Trafford. The Spanish media believe Real Madrid are ready to make history and offer a package worth almost 100m euros.

Manchester United have spoken out regarding this, Utd’s official spokesman said: “It is utter nonsense and totally laughable. Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale.”

My Thoughts

I know and I think you all know as well that Man Utd have said from the start Cristiano Ronaldo is not for sale at any price, but in reality, a 100m euros could be to tempting for the Manchester United owners who want to reduce the clubs debt now.

Mind you, I do not think Real Madrid economic condition is that good either, last time I read, Real Madri’s debt is like 400 million euros, and Manchester United’s debt is like 800 million pounds not euros.