Man Utd confirm Ronaldo injury meeting


Dribbling like that will eventually result in injuries

Dribbling like that will eventually result in injuries

Manchester United have confirmed they’ve met with Cristiano Ronaldo this week.

But Ronaldo only met with club doctors, as well as medical staff from the Portuguese Football Association, to assess the midfielder’s ankle injury.

Wednesday’s meeting between Ronaldo and United doctors took place in Lisbon.

No decision has been made on whether the 23-year-old will have surgery on his right ankle.

Manchester United medical staff met with the medical teams of the Portuguese FA and Cristiano Ronaldo in Lisbon on Wednesday regarding the ongoing treatment of an injury to his right ankle,” United said in a statement.

As a result, further specialist advice is being sought and an announcement will be made on any action in due course.

My Thoughts

he looks concerned, doesnt he

He looks concerned, doesnt he

If you can search through my previous posts, I did said thatthisinjury could be a serious issue and it has become one although few days ago this news was not a big deal and other sites only included it as a one line extra information saying that Ronaldo is going to have a minor recovery period and stuff like that.

I am now going to present some reasons for this injury which may or may not be serious but I just wanted to say this for a long long time and I do not care if this turns out to be the case or not, I hope not because Real Madrid lookdestinedtosign