out to another club, but you look at his performances after the first match, I think you will only find disappointment as Drenthe has not livced up to the expectations that people had after the under 21-Championships in which he got the best player award.

Yes, I think loaning him out to a big club for a season or two is the best option. Drenthe hass been up and down for Real Madrid since his move for Feyenoord a season ago. He was signed as a left back as a cover for Marcelonabutthen it turned out that he is not a natural defender so Bernd Schuster then used him as a winger in few games as I think he is too young and sometimes gives away posession too cheaply.

Drenthe has got a lot of pace thats for sure and can deliver some menacing crosses from the wings, but then again, like many of the new talents that are coming up, he does not perform well when he has to think about what he has to do .

More like Shaun Wright Phillips, he is very good at taking on players and beating them, but when it is required to think about what he does rather than just go out theerer and beat every defender ,he fails which I think is a huge negative for him and Drenthe.

Drenthe has got a lot of time on his side and he can definitely do a lot good to show Real Madrid that he is worth something before Real Madrid decide to sell him. For now, I think loaning him out is the best option because I do not think Bernd Schuster would play him in any important match at all.