Drogba Open To Madrid Move


Drogba says

Drogba says ” I dont want this club”

Chelsea’s Ivorian aces has been strongly linked with a transfer away from Stamford Bridge for over eight months now, and he has been widely tipped to move on to pastures new in the summer.

For a long time Milan had been one of the favourites to snap up the power-packed goal-machine, but his agent has now willingly stoked rumours regading a switch to Real Madrid.

Why not?” responded Pierre Frelot when a Marca reporter pressed on the possibility of Drogba joining the Spanish champions.

Drogba is calm because he is at a great club like Chelsea, but Real Madrid are a great club also.”

The 30-year-old insisted at the beginning of June that he would even turn down an offer from his ex boss nowatInter Jose Mourinho in order to stay true to the Blues. However, based on all the noise he made last season about leaving Chelsea fans have every right to remain cynical until they actually see him line up for their team next season.

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Drogba does not like sharing his spotlight

Drogba does not like sharing his spotlight


Now, name me one player who does not want to come to Real Madrid, even players from Barcelonaare