couldget some more money out of this prodigy.


I have seen him recently in the Champions League match against Manchester United, he has awesome one to one skills and has got good ball control and speed. Only thing that did not impress me (at this point), is his mental toughness, his shooting ability and also vision for the game.


He is certainly one for the future but for now, I think he has become the king of His world too early andhe thinksthat all the big clubs would come running in for him when he does decided to play for a big club which is not the case now a days, even players like Quaresma, Huntelaar and Deigo have to wait a little.


He and benzema are by far the most talented players on the Lyon roster but off and on the field they are not the best of friends, I saw Ben Arfa playing against Manchester United in Champions League, he took on 3 defenders and beat them all and tried to go for goal himself whereas he could have easily passed to Benzema who was free and unmarked inside Manchester United’s penalty box.


Had Ben Arfa been professional enough to leave their spats behind, who knows what Lyon could have done if Benzema scored that goal and Lyon would have won 2-1 against Manchester United, long shot and still you never know.


He and Benzema are not the best of Friends

He and Benzema are not the best of Friends