coming seasons,but the one difference is, that Ronaldo wants to be the best in the world, ofcourse every player wants to be the best in the world including Robinho, but Ronaldo works as much hard to achieve that and I think Robinho does not.


It can clearly be seen by the soft body structure he has, his stamina is not as great as Ronaldo’s. His speed and dribbling is right up theirwithRonaldo, probably better if considered the effectiveness of it but Robinho must get hiimself a little bit bulked up, he should increase his muscle mass so that he can run for more time and can withstand tough tackles.


Otherwise, I think Robinho should leave, becaue Real Madrid is not a club where the coach is going to teach you to be strong, you will have to do it yourself. However, if he moves to Chelsea then there, the situation is different, every player in the Epl is super fit, if Robinho joins Chelsea, I am sure Chelsea would make him a running machine like Ronaldo is.


So I think it really depends on Robinho whether he is commited enough to improve himself furthur, I think he has the potential to be the best in the world but it his choice.