manager and also that Chelsea were willing to double Robinho’scurrentReal Madrid wages.


Scolari has Robinho high on his shopping list as he gets to work at Stamford Bridge this week.

My Thoughts

I think Chelsea have to offer him that double your money contract, otherwise there is no reason for him to leave Real Madrid, Robinho has not been able to produce world class performances consistently throughout the season since his arrival to Real Madrid from Brazillian Club Santos. It’s time Robinho moves to another club, but now that Real MadridandRonaldo saga has cooled down, I think Real Madrid should keep him.

I think Real Madrid has given a thought to the Ronaldo move and made the decision that signing Ronaldo was never going to be economical and my guess is that, all former Real Madrid legendary players have been consulted and they must have advised Real Madrid that Cristiano Ronaldo is just a showboat dribbler and he would not bring to the club what Zidane, Ronaldo and Figo brought after their big money moves as well.