as usual did not get any first team action for a long long time and final decided to move on. I think there is ill will between Raul Bravo and Real Madrid as I have read, many times, him making these sort of statements.

Previously, I read, he said something about Real Madrid loosing to Olympiakos( Bravo’snewclub) in the Champions League and possibly getting knocked out before round of 16. I do not know what the heck is his problem.

Talking about Barcelona signing him is beyond possibility I think. Barcelona has Eric Abidal for that position, arguably the best left back in the world (had a horrible Euro I admit), so I think there is no reason for Barcelona to sign him, maybe if he becomes a free agent then there is a chance.

Barcelona might want to take revenge from Real Madrid, as Real Madrid also signed Barcelona’s Saviola when he was out of contract so Barcelona might throw, like a counter punch to Real Madrid.