Van Nistelrooy scored against Russia, he scored from a header, free kick was taken by Sneijder with which Sneijder pin pointed Van Nistelrooy’s head to get a assist to his name, so all Real Madrid action there, but sadly that was not enough to keep Holland in the Euro’s and Russia knocked them out by scoring two late late goals in added extra time.

Ruben De La Red was the Seventh scorer of Real Madrid intheEuro’s, he score against Greece and gave Spain a vital lead with which Spain was able to win the match though it did not matter. Ruben scored from half way inside the penalty box. A powerfull missile which rattled the goal keeper’s ancestors and Greece’s Nikopolidis had no chance of saving the shot.

While Real Madrid attacking players are busy scoring goals in Euro’s, Iker Casillas (Real Madrid goalkeeper) has just conceded 1 goal in the last 3 matches and his two penalty shootout saves against Italy sent Spain into the Semi Finals , where he gave another fine peformance and Spain won 3-0 against Russia which sent Spain to the Finals of Euro 2008.

Now only Sergio Ramos and Casillas are holding the Real Madrid flag in the final, I hope Sergio Ramos scores a goal and Casillas keeps a clean sheet. HALA MADRID!!