a speedy winger but nothing special”>Balboa was a speedy winger but nothing special


After that he had very little appearences for Real Madrid and was not even used as a sub, he came on in the Champions League match of Real Madrid vs Olympaikos in 2007-2008 season. Scored a goal right at the end to give Real Madrid a win 4-2 at the final whistle.

His goal was not actually his own goal. Robinho got the ball a little outside the Real Madrid box, and hitOlympaikoson the break, Robinho went past 3 players and in the end passed the ball to Javier Balboa who was lining up for the shot and he just stroked the ball past the keeper for a nice finish.

Good thing is that Real Madrid though has sold him for less, has included a buy back clause which will be very useful for the future. If Javier Balboa gets first team action with Benfica and he turns out to be another C.Ronaldo then Real Madrid can and I think will buy him back.

Personally I doubt if he has the quality to be the best or even among the best in the world so I think a good deal done by Real Madrid, selling Balboa at this time was perfect as he is till young and Real Madrid has got a pretty good price for him. Had he stayed at Real Madrid for another season, Real Madrid would have had to sell him for like 1 million or something.