Jose Mourinho who coached Chelsea before being sacked by Abramovich now is coaching Inter Milan and he wants to maybe re unite with the players that made the Mourinho Chelsea such a dominant force both Champions League and Epl. Chelsea was very unlucky to have been knocked out by Barcelona a few times and then few times by Liverpool.

I think Mourinho knows how to handle Robben, Robben for me is not a 90 minute player, he is pure class thats for sure but his physical condition does not allow him to play at full potential for 90 minutes. Mourinho mostly used him as a super sub or played him just the starting hour or so.

Whenever Robben came as a sub, he played much better for Chelsea than when Mourinho started with him. I remember, Robben on his own won so many vital points for Chelsea, in the season that they lost the Epl Title to Manchester United in 2006-2007 by a close margin.

I think Real Madrid should sell him if the right offer comes and get some other player like Diego or someone, who I am guessing would not cost much. Robben has, as they say in English,Glass Knees which means that he gets injured even when the slightest stress is put on it, he cannot train as a normal player trains. Apparently, Real Madrid has a special training made just for him.

I know, every player has his own weakness and strengths so training should be according to that, but whats the point in putting so much work on a player who is not or is not capable of playing 90 minutes and also gets injured more often then not even when put to very specific training schedule.

Robben is not a strong fellow by any means, slightest of physical contacts can not only put him to ground but also inured hi. I think part of Mourinho was also fed up with Robben’s fitness problems. I remember Mourinho showing disgust at Robben’s weak physical condition and weak will power whenever he got challenged for the ball.

I think it was the match between Manchester United and Chelsea 2006-2007 Community Shield I think , when Robben got a tackle from Rio Ferdinand and just played gingerly after that which made Mourinho very upset because Mourinho always wants players who play like warriors on the pitch and not give up so easily when tackled like Robben did there.

Maybe the reason why Mourinho is interested is that, everybody knows that Real Madrid is not a selling club, this means that the price for Robben will not be anywhere near the price Real Madrid payed for him. So Robben would be a cheap buy which he could use as his super sub again rather than making hima key player of his