fall because we all know, when a club see’s that another club is desperate for a transfer, the other club talks to the desperate club on its own terms not on the terms of desperate club. I hope you understood what I just said there but I just cannot make it any simpler.

I think the best thing to do would be to not to buy C.Ronaldo, a good thing would be to pay 65 million pounds for Ronaldo and the worst thing would be to exchange Robinho for Ronaldo. Trading Sneijder in unthinkable so I am not even going to describe a scenario where Sneijder goes to another club.

I mean, look at his form in the Euro’s, he has assists, he has goals, he has passes, he just has everything a midfielder could want except some explosive pace like Ronaldinho. I am not saying, that Sneijder is slow, I am just saying that he would have been unstoppable if he had Ronaldinho kind of pace.

Good thing done by Sneijder, stating on his personal website that healsodoes not want to leave Real Madrid ,so not like Robinho, who said that he would be happy to leave for Manchester United or Chelsea, but who can blame him as football is his bread and butter, he also has to think about keep progressing in his career whether it be at Real Madrid or else where.

I am sure no player in any team in the world, not even Raul of Real Madrid would be willing to stay if told that they are considered as a substitue, I remember Raul saying that if Real Madrid do not need him, then he would leave and there was wide speculation that Liverpool are very interested in his services.

Sneider , a dead ball specialist just like Bernd Schuster was when he played for Real Madrid

Sneijder , a dead ball specialist just like Bernd Schuster was when he played for Real Madrid


Sneijder is already being compared with Al De Stefano (sorry for the spelling), Sneijder is still young and can still improve a lot if he continues the way he is at the moment. Sneijder came from Ajax just one season ago and has had a great season , was not a benchwarmer ,instead, was made a kep player in the midfield for Real Madrid by Bernd Schuster( Real Madrid coach).

I do not think , that the thought of leaving Real Madrid would had come to his mind as he is at the best club in the world and has had a great season, he is happy, Real Madrid is happy and all its fans like me are also happy with him and with Real Madrid so no apparent need to sell this jewel to pave way for a show boater like C.Ronaldo.