value rises and vice versa.

Barcelona only entered the race for C.Ronaldo so that Real Madrid would not get a clear shot at the jewel and it might lead to Real Madrid ending up paying 100 milliion euros for C.Ronaldo but looks like Barcelona has enought trouble inside the club already to be thinking about placing obstacles in Real Madrid’s transfer plans.


I don’t blame them as Real Madrid also, always do this whenever Barcelona are trying to sign someone, for example, in the case of Cacares and Daniel Alves. Both which cost Barcelona very high indeed because Real Madrid was seriously considering or giving the impression to be seriosuly considering, signingbothof these players.

Ofcourse to put Laporta out of business( Barcelona’s president), his competitors will have to dig deep in order to please the fans and the board of directors to vote. So by promising signing of a star player like C.Ronaldo, his competitors would definitely get an advantage. The only reason why they are making C.Ronaldo as their trump card is because all other good players are not looking to change clubs.

One of them is Messi, who is already a Barcelona player. Kaka who is a very practising religious chritian and that means he would not betray his club. Another one is Quaresma, but he also had a spat with Barcelona early in his career when he was signed by Barcelona but then was sold in exchange for Deco.