the coach of Inter Milan at that time Cupper who had grown sick of Ronaldo’s long rehabilitation period after Ronaldo broke his leg while playing a match in Serie A.

Zidane had a reason to believe, that Juventus were in a financial crisis, all Juventus needed was a big offer for Zidane, who was 29 at that time, it there was a moment to cash in on him then that was that moment. Also Juventus finished second in Serie A. So in order to bolster their squad with some new blood Juventus sold Zidane to Real Madrid for a record 47 milliion pounds.

C.Ronaldo has won everything with Manchester United, he is happy, Manchester United are a wealthy club, Cristiano is loved and has a huge fan following, basically he has everthing a footballer wants in his career including guaranteed first team place and a club who dearly needs him.

Now, if C.Ronaldo can leave a club and a situation a good as this one he currently has, then whats theguaranteethat he would not jump the ship at Real Madrid too, when Real Madrid get into trouble, e.g not winning a title or not increasing his salary.

Only counter statement that can be given to justify his move away from Manchester United, would be that bust up with Wayne Rooney( and England people) at the World Cup 2006, that was the worst scenario a footballer can be asked to deal with, like the country in which C.Ronaldo played did not want him, the club did not want him, the fans did not want him and even his own teammates did not like him. Maybe that has remained at the back of his mind and he was just looking for that right moment to leave Manchester United.

A moment, where it would cost dearly to Manchester United to loose him with Real Madrid almost begging to sign him. I do not blame the guy, but we have to look at these facts to see if C.Ronaldo is loyal to anyone or not. I do not want Real Madrid’s main player to leave suddenly while the club prepares for a important tournament.


Ronaldo runs away from Man Utd to Real Madrid, Will he also run way from Real Madrid, We ll see

I am not saying that C.Ronaldo is a gypsy like Veiri or something ( a player who has changed clubs more often than not throughout his career) but Cristiano is a player who plays for money and fame, and whoever can offer him more can have him, or lets just say he want’s em whoever pays him more.