fulfill his potential. Robinho needs to be pushed in order to get the maximum out of him. Ferguson will first give him tough love, as he does with every new player so that Robinho realises that it’s not the name that matters at Man Utd, only performance counts.

After first few months, Robinho would get mentally and physically tougher than he is right now, and will learntofight for every ball, also to have self belief in him that he can be the best. Only thing that he will not be able to learn at Man Utd which he would at Real Madrid( if he plays ofcourse) is rise to the ocassion.

Performing when the team is under pressure and delivering in big games, which he has done in the past for Real Madrid, but Ferguson’s tactics are very much dependent on how much the players believe in themselves and how much momentum they have from the training they have done before a match.

So if the things learned at training does not work, then Ferguson’s team is always in trouble like against Real Madrid in 2002-2003, Ac Milan 2006-2007 and Chelsea in the league where they lost 3-0 to Jose Mourinho’s side.