Madrid in terms of money then I say, “sign him, sign him now”,

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson could be key in convincing Cristiano Ronaldo to knuckle down and stay at Old Trafford next season.

The Daily Mail says Ronaldo’s camp had hoped that Sir Alex would step in to end the ill feeling that festered over United’s refusal to consider a pay rise reward for the 42-goal season that helped land the domestic and Champions League titles.

They still believe there is room for a compromise whereby Ronaldo would stay at Old Trafford for another 12 months and United’s pride would not be dented, having seen off Real’s bid to bully their rivals into letting them have their way. But Ferguson has backed chief executive David Gill’s immovablestanceover Ronaldo’s contract and future.

United’s manager is fuming with Real’s arrogance, saying: “They ride roughshod over everyone but they won’t do it with us.” Ronaldo, who is having a delayed minor operation for a foot injury, is due back for pre-season training in three weeks but plans a formal weekend statement and will hope he does not have to turn up at Carrington.

So Ronaldo now also has a injury, hmm, it will be interesting to see if it affects the way he plays to avoid future injuries and I know it’s not a serious one but look at Nadal ( a tennis player who has had injuries early in his career due to his dependency on speed and extreme fitness).

Nadal also had not so serious injuries in the past and now he changed his game a little bit, like he now does not chase after every single ball, two years ago he did, now he has those tapes strapped around his knee to keep him safe from any unfortunate incidents.Good Luck to Cristiano with that injury, I hope he breaks something just so that Real Madrid cancel it’s plans to sign him.