them up too.


One name I have been reading a lot about is Daniel Parejo, apparently he plays for Real Madrid Castilla and has attracted interest from every major European club except that Real Madrid are not taking this talent seriously, so much so, even Barcelona are ready to pay 10 million pounds to Real Madrid for the youngster, possibly in a deal involving Ronaldinho.


Yeah Ronaldinho, I would sign him ahead of C.Ronaldo because of two reasons, first that he will cost 10 times less than over priced C.Ronaldo and second, Ronaldinho is a Champions League quality player who performs in big games if he wantsto ofcourse and by moving to arch rival Real Madrid, his motivation will reignite and then he will try to be the Ronaldinho of two years ago ,when he beat players after players, in order to show Barcelona that he is not finished just yet.


But for that to happen, Portugal must loose tonight, although there is good chance that not only will Portugal win tonight but Portugal will put the hammer down on Germany.


I mean how the hell are giant defenders like Mertesacker and Metzelder going to deal with the sparkling pace of C.Ronaldo and R.Quaresma( if Scholari plays him which I think he should as Germany has Lahm as a wing back who likes to attack a lot, which would leave space for Quaresma and Ronaldo to exploit).


Anyway, I hope Real Madrid can get out of this Cristiano-mania and start thinking realistically about possible summer signings rather than putting all their eggs in one basket by buying C.Ronaldo and if C.Ronaldo does not perform in the coming season( assuming he joins Real Madrid) then Real Madrid season is doomed and not only that, Real Madrid would loose all other talents to Chelsea, Man United, Barcelona, Arsenal and Liverpool(better not count Ac Milan as Ac Milan won’t be playing in the Champions League next season).