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Sergio Ramos, the most dynamic defender in the world

Sergio Ramos, the most dynamic defender in the world

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Sergio Ramos is, according to rumours(which means news), being chased by Manchester United. Manchester United see Sergio Ramos as a natural replacement for the old Gary Neville. Sergio Ramos who is considered to be one of the best young defenders in Europe did demand an improved contract recently from Real Madrid when it was reported that Ac Milan was ready to bid big for the versatile defender.

Interestingly enough, Sergio Ramos has himself admitted that he is fallatered to hear that a club such as Manchester United is interested in his services but he is only thinking about the Euro 2008 for now and desperately wants to face Ronaldo in he final.

Sergio Ramos who is 22, has said in the past that he would like to be another Hierro for Real Madrid and wants to be a Maldini of Real Madrid , hinting that he might end his career at Real Madrid. I dont get one thing, that is, why does Sergio Ramos has to give interviews like these and respond in such a immature manner which has now fueled speculation of Sergio Ramos not being happy at what he currently earns as Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos said in a recent interview “It is a good sign that such big teams are interested in me, but not I have no ideas about that,” Ramos said.
“I have a good contract with Madrid and I am focussed on the Spanish team. When the European Championships finish we can see what happens.”

Although his agent Pedro Bravo says that the thought of leaving Real Madrid has not crossed his mind but I think he is just rying to give Real Madrid an indication that Sergio will leave if Real Madrid do not make him among the highest paid plaplyers of Real Madrid with the likes of Casillas and Raul.

I think, actually Manchester United are just trying to unsettle him like Real Madrid has tried to unsettle C.Ronaldo for the obvious reasons. One being that Sergio Ramos would demand an improved contract just as Ronaldo did . Actually now I haveheardthat Manchester United are offering Ronaldo an improved contract although, Manchester United’s officials earlier said that C.Ronaldo has 4 years left on his contract so there would be no approach for a new contract.

Alex Ferguson is a very clever coach, he knows exactly what to do and when to do. So now Manchester United are just, like throwing a counter punch to Real Madrid for unsettling their star man C.Ronaldo. Everybody knows that Sergio Ramos is the symbol of Real Madrid and a future captain after Raul. So if Manchester United get Sergio Ramos unsettled over his contract situation then the whole team spirit could be affected.


Ferguson does not need Robinho or Ramos, he knows exactly what he is doing( or saying)

Ferguson does not need Robinho or Ramos, he knows exactly what he is doing( or saying)


Another name Manchester United are interested in is Robinho, now that surely gives it away that Mancchester United are just trying to make Real Madrid feel what Manchester United felt when Real Madrid first showed their interest in C.Ronaldo publicly.