I just wanted to make this post to let out my frustrations at Real Madird, specifically at Mijatovic (Real Madrid’s sporting director). I have been reading a lot of transfer speculations about top players moving to bigger clubs and there are very few linked to Real Madrid, the thought of signing Cristiano Ronaldo has possessed these two men, Calderon and Mijatovic so much that they are not giving attention to other good players that are available which are as good as Ronaldo if given a chance in a big European Club.

Ronaldo though one of the best players in the world is not the Best, not worth 100 million, probably 40 million

Ronaldo though one of the best players in the world is not the Best plus he plays for fame not for love for football, not worth 100 million, probably 40 million

(Source football.co.uk)


And what this craze of signing Cristiano Ronaldo has done to Real Madrid is that all the other teams are running away with these good players and by the time C.Ronaldo rejects Real Madrid which he will, all other players would be snapped up by other European giants, Barcelona are already doing that along with Ac Milan, Inter, Manchester United, Chelsea everybody.

My sincere request to Real Madrid officials would be to give up on Ronaldo as he is not worth 100 million Euros, hell not even 50 million Euros, all his goals were made of team effort except for his free kicks and I am not going to count the number of goals he has scored of penalties, tap ins and headers which a normal player can also do.

What I will count is the number of chances he has missed in big pressure games and situations. Just remember the penalty miss in semi finals of Champions league against Barcelona at the Camp Nou which could have been proved fatal but Barcelona did not take their chances well.

Another instance is the Champions League final game where C.Ronaldo again missed a penalty in the penalty shoot out, which could and should have been proved fatal for Manchester United by Chelsea had Drogba got himself sent off, because the penalty which John Terry missed was supposed to be taken by Drogba, now well know the accuracyandpower of Drogba in his shooting, now I am saying that Chelsea would hae definitely won it but their chances would have been far greater.

Anyway, I just want Real Madrid to get rid of Ronaldo chase and get some other good players like Diego, Quaresma, Daniel Alves, Adriano(Inter).

Quaresma has been linked to Inter Milan very strongly as the new coach Jose Mourinho wants to bring back the former Barcelona player, his trickery and ball control is magical, I think he is better than C.Ronaldo as he is more effective, he may not have the pace of C.Ronaldo but definitely has the skills and shooting better than C.Ronaldo, not to mention Quaresma’s incredible outside of the right foot crosses and shoots which are so well placed that they always cause heavoc in most teams defence.

Quaresma is the Real next Luis Figo

Quaresma is the Real next Luis Figo

(Source www.fcporto.pt)

One other player which I feel Real Madrid must have is Essien, he is like an upgrade of Diarra, hang on a minute, Diarra played very well last season so lets say he