about Vidic is his heading which is why I think Ferguson has him in his team otherwise he is good for nothing. Talking about Clichy, I think he is super quick but most people or even pundits do not seem to recognise that. There are not many defenders whom I ve seen to hunt down C.Ronaldo by running him over but Clichy has done it and he is also very very sharp and quick with the ball at his feet, I wont be surprised if Real Madrid come for him in the next few seasons.

Clichy is fast becoming more like Roberto Carlos(who chased down every man in football)

Clichy is fast becoming more like Roberto Carlos(who chased down every man in football)

(Source arsenalpiec.tv)

I just do not like defenders like Vidic or Ferdinand although Ferdinand is world class defender, but in reality I don’t think they both are, its only because of the protection they get form the midfielders that they give the impression that they are good defenders, both of these guys are wonderful headers of the ball no doubt, but when it comes to pace or one on one’s they both are poor no way near the quality that most people associate with them, the only defending challenge that a defender can get it at Real Madrid.

Here are Real Madrid, a defender does not have the whole midfield to cover him up on every attack, like in Manchester United Rooney, to a certain extent Ronaldo, Scholes, Carrick, Nani, Anderson, Hargreaves all run like dogs and help out the defense which is a good thing. I am talking about something else. Anyway, here at Real Madrid many so called great defenders came and fell becausehere,in every game on more than one occasion a defender has to prove his worth in a one on one rather than winning headers or do collective defending, look at what happened to Cannavaro, played wonderful at Juventus but fell down in Real Madrid. Why? Because he did not have Vieira, Camronesi, Nedved and some more people in front of him to protect him and of course he had a partner like no other (thuram).

One can say that Capello did play like that and yes he did but that is not the point. At Real Madrid only 4 or max 6 players defend at a time not more than except in case of extreme importance like a final or something. In that respect I think the best defenders on, one on ones are Kolo Toure, Sergio Ramos, Gallas, Puyol, Thuram, Zambrotta, Abidal. More to come on this later.

Anyways, talking about this match( I got a little off topic), Real Madrid scored goal after goals and conceded some too as is the norm. Van Nistelrooy scored two standard striker’s goals and two from Sergio Ramos and the 4rth goal was one piece of artistry from Sniejder.

Van Nistelrooy returning with a bang scoring two goals.

Van Nistelrooy returning with a bang scoring two goals.

(Source football.co.uk)

What a free kick it was from Sniejder, the least said about that free kick would be “perfect”, no chance for the keeper or the wall what so ever, so much dip, curl and accuracy. Wonderful, this guy is coming into his game now, had a poor season most of the time but in the second half of the season he has really blossomed, controls the midfield and has every trick, shot in his book, his technique is perfect, he is good on the ball and has a good vision for the game, one quality that separates him from the other player who play in his position in the world, is his ability to make pin point accurate lobbed passes on first touch, without setting himself up for eternity like Beckham(and again I am not saying that Beckham is bad or Sniejder’s passes are better than Beckham….. well on a second thought I think I might as well say it but for the moment No).

Robinho had a poor game again, I am thinking about writing an article about the reasons why Messi and Cristiano have progressed so much whereas in the first place like 3 or 4 years ago, it was actually Robinho who was touted as the next Pele, ready to dominate world football but it never happened more to come on that later.

Real Madrid conceded two poor goals, again Levante played on the counter attack and whipped menacing balls from the wing which lead to both the goal basically, well when Real Madrid wins, no one talks about their poor defense, its only when Real Madrid loose, so I am going to follow this tradition and not talk about the poor defending.

Overall, good game but really I watched the game mainly to see the celebrations for Real Madrid’s 31st league title, now thats alot of league titles, the party was huge and all madridstas must have enjoyed that night, hope Real Madrid can win the Champions League Next season.

Have I missed any player in my defenders talk, please let me know through your comments

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