Real Madrid 4-1 Barcelona

Although the championship was won a match before but the best day of the season was this one, Madrid’s party did not end even during the match as they show cased to the world the beautiful game that is football. Real Madrid destroyed Barcelona in a one sided match, could have been more if Real Madrid had refrained from show boating.


Raul in 14nth minute scored that all vital first goal of the match, though the build up was controversial as Guti did seem to foul Marquez when Guti lost the ball but I think the primary reason for the refree for not giving that decision that Marquez went to ground too easy and a bit to theatrically nevertheless it was a superb finish from Raul’s left foot, a curved shot past Valdes who did not expect the shot to be that precise and accurate.

Robben on 20th minute scored from a header put in by Guti, a magnificent ball put in by Guti which really deserved the goal but credit shoudl be given to Barcelona’s poor defending, marking was non existent and Robben got a free header inside the penalty area and as far as I think, Robben had no other choice but to score as it was an easy chance, but again the build up can be called a little controversial as Ramos as involved in getting the ball up the field with his powerful runs Abidal came in his way and Ramos had to barge into him to get the free kick, which may not be 100 percent genuine but now a days the game is played at a fast rate so these fouls are usually given.



Higuain on 52nd minute mark again scored coming off the bench, an incredible run for the Argentinian as now he has scored 5 goals in five games coming on as a bench, as soon as he came on Diarra broke Barcelona’s defense once again from the wing and passed it into the path of on rushing Higuain in the penalty area Higuains first touch wasmagnificent whichallow him to get away from Puyol and set up an easy opportunity for himself one on one inside the 6 yard box with the keeper.


Van Nistelrooy on 72nd minute scored for Real Madrid. Real Madrid at this point looked all over Barcelona, winning every ball and enjoying every pass, Real Madrid looked as if Real Madrid players are having a practice match , more like a charity match out there. Barcelona was completely humiliated and to add insult to injury, Robinho’s cross was blocked by Puyol with his arms which lead to the penalty which Van Nistelrooy, put away easily from his first touch to the ball.


At this point it was just too much for Barcelona to bear, Theirry Henry did pull ond back in the 86th minute which as mere consolation, I would not call it that because it did not have any class, whilst Real Madrid was busy humiliating Barcelona’s defenders, Real Madrid left only two playersatthe back and by twoplayers