Real Madrid is officially NOT the champions of Spain but mathematically Real Madrid is. After beating Osasuna in a dramatic game Real Madrid now have a ten point lead with 3 games to go. This game started off well for Real Madrid, Robben and Raul both came close to scoring early on, but Raul’s shot was saved by a defender’s hand which the linesman obviously did not see. Real Madrid looked to play attacking football and went into the break at 0-0.

Only this season Real Madrid has played 8 or 9 matches with 1 man less and this match was no different as Cannavaro made a stupid tackle(check my previous posts and see how many times I have used ‘stupid tackle’ for cannavaro in the past as well’ on an Osasuna player who rolled on the ground as if he got stabbed in the back, the refree had nop other chance than to show the second yellow to cannavaro and reduce Real Madrid to ten men.

After that heinze who had a little but of a hostile game with Osasuna attackers in the first half, handled the ball inside the penalty area from a corner kick, a penalty was given which Casillas was unable to stop. After that Real Madrid showed character,heart,determination to win and win Real Madrid did. Robben scored from a header after Higuain put in a superb free kick into the box for Robben to head it intothegoal,Real