they did, when silva was brought down by so called world player of the year 2007 cannavaro, a needless penalty, though soft but needless, silva had is back towards the goal and that was not enough for cannavaro to not to push him in the back.

Villa took the penalty and send casillas the wrong way,2-2 was the score line. Real madrid players finally started to bother about completing the game and then think about the night after, but it was too late, valencia had built up too much momentum by then, real madrid pushed some players forward to get the third for the winner but left spaces behind.

In the 86th minute real madrid was made to pay for their supercilious attitude and valencia scored the goal, the winning goal which cut down real madrid’s lead to just four points. Next up is sevilla at the bernabeau, another chance for the whites to augment their lead.

I just want to point out once again the lack of discipline real madrid players showed and finally they had to pay for it, especially guti, man I wish real madrid send him on loan or whatever, because I know he is a good player, can become a great player but he is not consistent enough to wear that white shirt of real madrid, one match he playes like kaka and another match he plays like, flamini of arsenal(which means exceptionally poor). The best thing would be to trade him with deigo, a premanent solution