Real Madrid 2-3 Valencia

Villa gave valencia the lead in 35th minute with a neat finish. Real madrid immediately reacted and raul scored the equalizer in the 36th minute after a nice curled cross from robinho, raul headed the ball into the back of the net. Raul pounced on another opportunity in the second half, 55th minute mark when baptista stole the ball and slipped it to guti who played a nice ball to raul and he slipped it past the valencia keeper.


Real madrid was showing one of it’s best performances of this season, but they became arrogant for me, real madrid players looked like as if they were the king of the world, which is obviously not the case anymore as they lost to roma in the champions league. There was no drive in real madrid players to go for the 3rd or keep it solid at the back, despite reaching valencia’s penalty box 30 times that evening the whites ended up on the loosing side.

I was just shocked when I saw how lethargic real madrid players looked after the second goal, misplaced passes were seen and real madrid players were loosing possession, not evening bothering to chase after the ball after being dispossessed. It was just awful, not the way real madrid was playing but the attitude was just so bullish, so cocky so to say.

Eventually, valencia realised that while real madrid are dreaming about another easy win, they could actually get a goal ortwoandgetagoal