Real Madrid 2-1 Espanyol

Apologies for not posting for a long long time. Actually I am having my exams these days and life’s been really hectic. I will continue the previous routine in about 2 weeks time.

Meanwhile, coming back to the topic, real madrid won against espanyol at home, goals from higuain and raul(penalty) were enough to earn Los merengues a victory which leads them a step closer to winning the title twice in two seasons, having said that, I am not impressed with Schuster, not one bit.

Whatever happens between now and end of the season, I would want real madrid to fire brend schuster and get Jose Mourinho, because although real madrid are winning and have a comfortable lead in the league, real madrid fans want the big one, the champions league. Which after seeing real madrid’s abysmal performances against roma in the champions league and even before that against werder bremen, there is no way that real madrid would be able to win the champions league next or even inside the next three seasons if schuster remains as head coach of real madrid.

More news and views in the coming weeks….