Deportivo 1-0 Real Madrid

Thanks to an own goal by pepe, real madrid lost another game at deportivo. Its been 17 years since real madrid have won there and after this performance, it does not take a genius to figure out why. No control in the middle, no speed, no tenacity in real madrid players. Real madrid kept the ball well but with no penetration because real madrid players were just passing the ball among defenders.

Real Madrid gave away the ball far too cheaply

Real Madrid gave away the ball far too cheaply



Lack of speed in real madrid attack was the main problem I saw in that match, I am already thinking about transfers that real madrid should do in the coming summer. My picks would be quaresma, adriano and diego. Realistic choices not like, trying to built a dream team if you know what I mean.

Someone with Cristiano's pace, because his price is too high

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