madrid at the 76 minute mark which equalized the scoreline after roma had taken the lead, in the 73rd minute through teddai’s header. Sloppy defending is the least I can say about the first goal real madrid conceded. Roma struck again at the end of the game, again the goal coming from a header. Real madrid is and has been for all this season a soft team when it comes to defending aerial balls. Anyway, vucinic scored on the 90nth minute marked. I definetely would have wanted Iker Casillas to come out of his area and deal with that, as the header came from just outside the 6 yard box. Had it been cech standing over there, vucinic could not had scored from a free header.

Roma defended well, as all teams try to do when they play at the bernabeau and real madrid was not able to break them down nor did real madrid manage to step up the pace of the game so that they could catch roma off guard. Maybe luck was not on real madrid’s side that day, but I don’t give a damn to luck or anything. Luck or no luck, as a real madrid fan I want results, whether it be capello or mourinho style.