Real Madrid 1-2 AS Roma(05-March-2008)

Now I know why schuster was coaching getafe before coming to real madrid. Basically he is a stupid coach, who does not have any champions league experience at all and just tries to act like a tactition. Well, I am very disappointed with real madrid’s performance in the champions league against roma. Now after losing to Roma in the champions league and getting knocked out of last 16 for the fourth consecutive year has definitely hampered real madrid’s reputation as a champions league team.

Now the rumors say that real madrid are looking to replace schuster with none other than jose mourinho regardless of what schuster achieves at the end of the season, which by the way, I feel is totally justified, considering the amount of money schuster has spent in the transfer market. Schuster tactics may look entertaining but it has a deep flaw in it. I dont know what that flaw is but you get this feeling when you see real madrid loosing to menial teams.

Anyway, one positive to come out of that match is that raul is one his scoring form this season. He scored the onlygoalforreal