near post to give real madrid the lead in the 73rd minute.

Quique Álvarez was sent off five minutes later for a tackle on robben, who had to be substituted with higuain who came on in the 76th minute. With two minutes to go , robinho’s superb lobbed shot over the head of the keeper, secured the victory for real madrid. Recreativo did pull on back in injury time with a direct free kick but it was not enough to win or even draw the game.

Best thing which schuster did in this match was, not playing marcelo. He is just too young and a second division player with no quality what so ever. Heinze and Torres are way better than him. I think, real madrid should take advantage of robben’s injury by playing some other players who have not been able to prove themselves to schuster.

Real madrid should sell Robben at the end of the season, because I think he will never be able to play six games on the trot. Real madrid would be way better off with ricardo quaresma, diego or benzema(Lyon attacker, who scored that ‘something from nothing’ goal against manchester united in the champions league two weeks ago). So I just wish that real madrid can make a wise decision and kick out robben but either selling him or exchanging him for any good player.

Apart from the win, the other good news came when atletico madrid destroyed barcelona in a 4-2 rout thus giving real madrid the lead of five points at the top of the table. Next match is against roma at the bernabaeu which is going to be a thriller as real madrid trail roma by one goal.