Adriano Ideal For Real Madrid?

Since now the transfer window has opened I am thinking about who would i sign if I was Bernd Schuster and I am not going to talk about building a superstar 11 or something. Realistically speaking, Real Madrid should buy a player whos transfer fee is reasonable which automatically throws out the possibility of signing Kaka, C.Ronaldo or Fabregas. Looking at the current squad for Real Madrid I can only see one world class striker, striker not winger or attacking midfielder and thats Van Nistelrooy.

Van Nistelrooy, one of the most efficient striker for the past decade
Van Nistelrooy, one of the most efficient striker for the past decade



As we all know van Nistelrooy age is a bit of a problem as the medical team for Real Madrid say that after the player as has past his 30, he becomes injury prone. If Van Nistelrooy does develop a serious injury ruling him out for, let’s say, 4 months then Real Madrid’s title would definitely slip away. Therefore as always, I present the ideal solution and that solution is Adriano who is a striker for Inter Milan, currentlyonloan to Sao Paulo and has a rocket of a left foot. He is strong, fast, takes free kicks, heads the ball and has a world class finish. Okay, then whats the problem in signing him? The only reason I can think of is his attitude, as it is always with these Brazilians, during the past six months his personal life has been horrendous which apparently has affected his form and as far as I think, a palpable need for a change is required for Adriano and that change would be to go to Real Madrid.

Adriano, a big powerful centre forward
Adriano, a big powerful centreforward