Chelsea’s Foolery With Real Madrid

To few it might seem like a obscure statement but to me it’s true. During the summer market I got really excited reading the news about Real Madrid signing Arjen Robben which Calderon claimed to be the best left winger in the world and one of his promises in his election campaign for the presidency. Half a season has passed now and i don’t remember a single La Liga game or Champions League match where Robben has appeared for 90 minutes or even an hour. By this time I am forced to consider Robben as another Woodgate and now when I look at the team sheet for Real Madrid before a match, it doesn’t surprise me if Robben’s name isn’t mentioned.

A rare site, seeing Robben on the field in a Real Madrid shirt
A rare site, seeing Robben on the field in a Real Madrid shirt

So why am I blaming Chelsea for it. Well I did get a little suspicious when I read Peter Kenyon’s(Chelsea’s Chief Executive) comments after the deal was completed with Real Madrid in which he said something about doubling your money and Chelsea doing a good business in the transfer market. So after 4 monthsIcan see what he meant there. Robben is an injury plagued player who so early in his career is beginning to run out of fitness required to play at the highest level. Glass knees they called Robben in England and i cannot argue with that. Now I know Real Madrid have their own medical team to look into these matters before the signing of the contract with all the medical tests but I think Chelsea could’ve showed some courtesy informing Real Madrid of Robben’s fitness situation which I think will continue to haunt Real Madrid.

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