Real Madrid Vs Barcelona (23-Dec-2007)

Ok so finally the biggest derby game in world football is about to begin. Now there is some good news and some bad news for Real Madrid. Good news is that Lionel Messi of Barcelona is injured for 6 weeks which means he wont take any part in tomorrow’s derby. The bad news is that Thierry Henry of Barcelona is fit to play tomorrow, which is really bad news considering the speed and age of Real Madrid’s defenders such as Cannavaro, Torres, Marcelo and Heinze. The only one who has pace is Pepe and i think he is going to play a important role in handling the air balls that Barcelona may throw at them and to control the pace of the play from the back.


I still think its going to be a competitive match but you never with Real Madrid, one day they can loose to Werder Bremen and next they beat Valencia away from home 0-5.